Hi, Thank You for visiting my website. Please enjoy all the content, giving a little extra time to the Music, after all this website without music wouldn’t be truly necessary. Here is some information on my background : I was born in Rome, Italy, in March 1972. The only musician that I know of in my lineage was my grandmother on my mother side : Elide Gennari. She was a professional Harp player in the opera circuit during the first half of the 1900. My mother was therefore quite musically inclined. In my early years she and I would often sing songs together when driving around in our Fiat. When I was young, I felt very overwhelmed by life, and couldn’t really focus on any specific practice, so when I first was gifted a guitar I didn’t really give it enough attention until the first year of high school. We were young teenagers in a world of political unrest, we listened to Punk Rock, Ska, Psychobilly and Reggae/ Rocksteady. It was then that I started committing to the guitar with some dedication , rehearsing with bands, and playing my first live shows. After High School, I enrolled at the “Scuola di Musica Popolare di Testaccio”, in Rome, where I met my first Mentor and teacher : Roberto Nicoletti. He had spent some time at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and had a very different approach to didactics and technique than most other guitar teachers in Rome at that time. It was then that my teacher suggested to me to go attend the “summer Berklee Seminars in Perugia, Italy, during the “Umbria Jazz Festival”, where I would’ve had the possibility of studying directly with some of his old teachers like Jim Kelly and a few others. This was another experience that drastically changed the course of my playing. After that experience, I secretly dreamed of attending a music school in the U.S…..the attitude of these educators was so different from anything I had ever witnessed. They were not only great teachers but also incredible musicians, with a profound knowledge of their instrument, of Harmony and Theory and of the language. Finally in 2000 I had the possibility of enrolling at the “Los Angeles Music Academy”, thanks to a serendipitous encounter with Frank Gambale who encouraged me to go visit the school in Pasadena California. This was one of the most beautiful years of my life, truly changing my perspective on what was teaching, learning and playing. I was also given the chance to re-enroll at the same school (now called California College of Music) years later to further push my skills to higher levels. Looking back, these years have been incredible. I was able to pursue a career as a guitar player and as an educator working in Los Angeles. 20 years have gone by, during this time I met many inspiring artists that gave me insight and direction. I was able to play a great amount of live shows, had the fortune of teaching students from all over the world in several music schools and colleges, and recorded a lot of music composed by myself and by others. At this stage of my life, I am as happy as a guitarist can get, I’m still a student, I practice and constantly learn new music. Keeping up the challenge of stepping outside my comfort zone is something I really cherish. This is what makes me happy and keeps me humble. I must thank many people who were instrumental in my growth as a musician and as a person : Tom Aylesbury, Frank Gambale, Bill Fowler, Art Reinshaw, Mike Shapiro, Bobby Rodriguez, Tony and Vicky Inzalaco, Tony Dumas, Ramon Banda, Joe Bagg, Riner Scivally, John Heard, Sherman Ferguson, Pat Senatore and the list goes on….Everyone helped me figure something out about myself and my playing. I’m truly Thankful to all of you

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In the past few years I’ve been very interested in Consciousness and it’s vast potential applied to Music , Improvisation and creativity.

This research is of an artistic nature and has no ambition of any Scientific value, other than my own experience in that particular moment. It’s very interesting to me how the various aspects of Consciousness influence Art.

My specific interest is in Music and Poetry, and I will be exploring mostly those aspects utilizing different methods and applications.

I started zooming into this particular subject when I discovered the concept of : ” Non Locality” and it’s applications in Remote Viewing. Another very fascinating aspect of Consciousness is it’s capability of enabling “downloads” in peoples minds of ideas, inventions and musical compositions.

Some of my favorite compositions came to me in a very brief moment in time, all at once and in their completeness.

It has always fascinated me how and where did this material come from… almost had a feeling of existing before.

So I started dedicating time in practicing how to get to that state of mind in which we are connected to this source of intuitive information.

A lot of good guidelines came from reading books on Remote Viewing, and learning how the Remote viewer prepares himself before the viewing session. Also the effort in keeping the Rational mind away from this process is fundamental.