In the past few years I’ve been very interested in Consciousness and it’s vast potential applied to Music , Improvisation and creativity.

This research is of an artistic nature and has no ambition of any Scientific value, other than my own experience in that particular moment. It’s very interesting to me how the various aspects of Consciousness influence Art.

My specific interest is in Music and Poetry, and I will be exploring mostly those aspects utilizing different methods and applications.

I started zooming into this particular subject when I discovered the concept of : ” Non Locality” and it’s applications in Remote Viewing. Another very fascinating aspect of Consciousness is it’s capability of enabling “downloads” in peoples minds of ideas, inventions and musical compositions.

Some of my favorite compositions came to me in a very brief moment in time, all at once and in their completeness.

It has always fascinated me how and where did this material come from… almost had a feeling of existing before.

So I started dedicating time in practicing how to get to that state of mind in which we are connected to this source of intuitive information.

A lot of good guidelines came from reading books on Remote Viewing, and learning how the Remote viewer prepares himself before the viewing session. Also the effort in keeping the Rational mind away from this process is fundamental.